Sunday, September 10, 2006

TV Notes

Alternate Shows – Series alternate the same time slot.

Alternate Titles – Alternate the name of the series.

Anniversary – Ten anniversary and up.

Biggest New Hit – The biggest new hit of the new TV season.

British Ties – Series was based on British TV.

Contract Disputes – Stars walked out of their series or whatever else happens.

Daytime – Repeats of the series was shown in daytime on the weekdays.

Death – A star's death during a series.

First Run – From the networks to syndication, series got a second life.

First Series – The network's first series.

Local TV – Network series started on local TV.

Movies 2 TV – Series based on movies.

Name Change – Series changed their names.

Networks Debut – Networks premiere in the year.

Original Run – Series was only in ONE time slot, not counting the first season series.

Original Title – Original titles before they hit the air.

Radio – Series from the radio to TV

Reruns – Networks series reruns in prime time.

The Return – The stars returned and the series revivals.

Simultaneous – Stars appeared on two series at the same time.

Spin Offs – Spin off from the parent show.

Summer Replacements – Replacement series in the summer.

Switch Networks – Series network hopping.

TV History – Series made history.

Tidbits – Interesting facts of the series and stars.

Two Networks – Series was on two networks at the same time

Viewer Response – Viewers brought a series back from cancellation.

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