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1946/47 – No ratings till the 1950/51 season.

The earlier shows started in 1944. TV's first few seasons are sketchy at it's best. Therefore, I will start the TV BOOK with the 1946 season.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1946 season; Voice Of Firestone Televues was cancelled in the third season.

Alternate Shows: Let's Rhumba and You Are An Artist were on NBC Friday at 8:15 PM. Both shows were only fifteen minutes long.

First Series:

DuMont's first show, Serving Through Science, premiered on June 18, 1946, Tuesday at 9 PM. the show was thirty minutes.

NBC's first show, Voice Of Firestone Televues, premiered on April 10, 1944, Monday at various times. The show was 10/15 minutes long. In those days, the NBC feed was only in Philadelphia and Schenectady.

Local TV

Bristol–Myers Tele–Varieties was a local New York series in December, then a NBC show the following month.


Dumont and NBC are the first two networks to be in prime time.

NBC was the first network to show boxing with Cavalcade Of Sports, best known as Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports, starting in 1948. The longest running boxing show ran for fourteen years. Cavalcade Of Sports was on two nights a week from 1946-48.

Small Fry Club premiered on Dumont in March 1947 only on Tuesday. The following month, it became the first series to expand five nights a week till the cancellation in June 1951. Bob Emery returned to Boston.

1946/47 Fall Season

One Season (1946/47)

Cavalcade Of Sports – 1946–1960, NBC, first boxing show, Bob Shanton

Television Screen Magazine – 1946–1949, NBC, various, Bill Berns

You Are An Artist – 1946–1950, NBC, art instruction, Jon Gnagy

Cancelled Shows

Faraway Hill – DUM, the first soap, Flora Campbell

Geographically Speaking – NBC, travelogue, Carveth Wells

I Love To Eat – NBC, first cooking show, James Beard

Let’s Rhumba – NBC, dance instruction, D'Avalos

Play The Game – DUM, charades, Dr. Harvey Zorbaugh

3 out of 8 New Shows SURVIVED for 1947/48

DUM – 0/2, none

NBC – 3/6, Cavalcade Of Sports, Television Screen Magazine, & You Are An Artist

Mid Season shows

Birthday Party – May 1947–1949, DUM, children’s, Bill Slater

Campus Hoopla – December 1946–1948, NBC, sports/variety, Bob Santon

Doorway To Fame – May 1947–1949, DUM, talent, Johnny Olsen

In The Kelvinator Kitchen – May 1947–1948, NBC, cooking instruction, Alma Kitchell

Kraft Television Theatre – May 1947–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

Disc Magic – June 1947–1949, NBC, first music show, Jack Kilty

Small Fry Club – March 1947–1951, DUM, children’s, Bob Emery

Cancelled Mid Season Shows

The Borden Show – NBC, various

Bristol–Myers Tele–Varieties – NBC, various

Dancing On Air – NBC, instruction, 5 episodes, Ed Sims

Party Line – NBC, quiz, Bert Parks

Show Business, Inc. – NBC, variety, 4 episodes, Helen V. Parrish

Tex And Jinx – NBC, talk, Tex McCrary, Jinx Falkenburg

The Wife Saver – NBC, household hints, 6 episodes, Allen Prescott

Second Seasons (1945/46)

Cash & Carry – June 1946–1947, DUM, quiz, Dennis James

Face To Face – June 1946–1947, NBC, quiz, Eddie Dunn, Bill Dunn

Hour Glass – May 1946–1947, NBC, first variety show, Eddie Mayeoff

Serving Through Science – June 1946–1947, DUM, instruction, Dr. Guthrue McClintock

Third Seasons (1944/45)

Voice Of Firestone Televues – April 1944–1947, NBC, documentary

The World In Your Home – December 1944–1948, NBC, documentary

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