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1956/57 – I Love Lucy was #1 on CBS Monday.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1956 season; Break The Bank was cancelled in the ninth season.

Alternate Shows:

The Jack Benny Show and Private Secretary were on CBS Sunday at 7:30 PM.

The Jack Benny Show and The Marge And Gower Champion Show were on CBS Sunday at 7:30 PM during the summer.

The Goodyear Playhouse and The Alcoa Hour were on NBC Sunday ay 9:30 PM.

Cheyenne and Conflict were on ABC Tuesday at 7:30 PM.

Armstrong Circle Theatre and The Kaiser Aluminum Hour were on NBC Tuesday at 9:30 PM.

Armstrong Summer Playhouse and Show For A Summer Playhouse were on NBC Thursday at 9:30 for the summer.

20th Century Fox Hour and The U.S. Steel Hour were on CBS Wednesday at 10 PM.


The Ed Sullivan Show celebrated ten years on CBS.

Meet The Press celebrated ten years on NBC.

Original Amateur Hour celebrated ten years on TV.

Biggest New Hit: The Ford Show was #19 on NBC Thursday. Tennessee Ernie Ford wore many hats for the show; he was the host, singer, comedian and the star. The funny thing is the show wasn't named after him whatsoever. The name came from The Ford Motor Company, the sponsor. Either way, The Ford Show became a big NBC hit for both parties involved.

Movies 2 TV:

Broken Arrow was based on the 1950 James Stewart movie.

Name Change:

ABC Presents was known as Quest For Adventure

DuPont Cavalcade Theater to DuPont Theater.

On Trial to The Joseph Cotten Show–On Trial

Press Conference to Martha Roundtree's Press Conference in April 1957.

Schlitz Playhouse Of Stars to Schiltz Playhouse in November 1956.

Tonight to Tonight! America After Dark on January 28, 1957.

Tonight! America After Dark to The Jack Paar Show on July 29, 1957.

Original Run:

Do You Trust Your Wife was on CBS Tuesday at 10:30 PM.

The Ford Show was on NBC Thursday at 9:30 PM.

The $64,000 Challenge was on CBS Sunday at 10 PM.


CBS aired My Favorite Husband reruns in the summer of 1957.

CBS aired The Jimmy Durante Show reruns in the summer of 1957.

NBC aired Adventure Theater reruns in the summer of 1957.

NBC aired The Charlie Farrell Show reruns in the summer of 1957.

Encore Theatre was the reruns of Ford Theatre episodes.

Festival Of Stars was the reruns of The Loretta Young Show episodes. Jim Ameche was the host.

Key Club Playhouse was the reruns of Ford Theatre episodes.

Moment Of Decision was the reruns of Ford Theatre episodes.

The Playhouse was the reruns of Schlitz Playhouse Of The Stars.

S.R.O. Playhouse was the reruns of Schlitz Playhouse.

Show For A Summer Evening was the reruns of the syndication series, Heinz Playhouse.

The Return:

NBC revived the former LIVE CBS series, The Web, during the summer of 1957. The NBC version was filmed.

NBC revived Summer Playhouse for the summer. It was last seen in 1954.

CBS revived The Herb Shriner Show.

CBS revived Pick The Winner for the 1956 Presidential year.

CBS revived The Spike Jones Show. It was last seen on NBC in 1954.

Flight #7 returned to ABC for the summer.

ABC revived Enterprise; it was last seen in 1955 on ABC.

ABC revived Open Hearing as a LIVE interview show. The last time, it was a documentary show.

ABC revived Industries For America. It was last seen in 1951–1952.

After the failure of The Honeymooners and the Jackie Gleason produced show, Stage Show, last season, The Jackie Gleason Show returned to CBS in the same time slot, Saturday at 8 PM.

Those Whiting Girls returned to CBS after a year absence.

Summer Replacement:

The Big Moment replaced The Big Story for the summer.

Destiny replaced Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater for the summer.

High–Low replaced The Ford Show for the summer.

The Julius LaRosa Show replaced Perry Como for the summer.

Undercurrent replaced The Lineup for the summer.

Switch Networks:

Ford Theatre went from NBC to ABC.

Midwestern Hayride went from NBC to ABC.

Omnibus went from CBS to ABC.


The first season of Playhouse 90 was LIVE.

Real Life couple, Howard Duff & Ida Lupino, starred in Mr. Adams and Eve as…get this...a Hollywood married couple! Wow! What a real stretch for them!

As of this season, Schlitz Playhouse Of Stars was no longer LIVE.

Sports Focus was Howard Cosell's first series.

Press Conference moved to Sunday afternoon for three months, then returned to prime time in April 1957.

Nat "King" Cole was the first major black performer to headline a network variety show.

Cowboy Theatre started on NBC Saturday afternoon in September 1956.

Cowtown Radio was produced at Cowtown Ranch in New Jersey. The owner, Stoney Harris, was one of the commentators.

The Whirlybirds supposed to be on CBS. Instead, it went to syndication.

Xavier Cugat and his then wife, Abbe Lane, starred in The Xavier Cugat Show.

1956/57 Fall Season

One Season (1956/57)

The Adventures of Jim Bowie – 1956–1958, ABC, western, Scott Forbes

Broken Arrow – 1956–1958, ABC, western, John Lupton

Circus Boy – 1956/57, NBC; 1957/58, ABC, adventure, Mickey Braddock

Date with the Angels – May 1957–1958, ABC, comedy, Betty White

Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre – 1956–1961, CBS, western anthology, Dick Powell

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show – 1956–1963, NBC, variety, Dinah Shore

The Gale Storm Show – 1956–1959, CBS; 1959/60, ABC, comedy, Gale Storm

Lawrence Welk's Top Tunes And New Talent – 1956–1959, ABC, talent, Lawrence Welk

The Nat "King" Cole Show – 1956–1957, NBC, musical variety, Nat "King" Cole

Playhouse 90 – 1956–1961, CBS, dramatic anthology

Richard Diamond, Private Detective – July 1957–1959, CBS; 1959/60, NBC, detective drama, David Janssen

Tales Of Wills Fargo – March 1957–1962, NBC, western, Dale Robertson

To Tell The Truth – December 1956–1967, CBS, game, Bud Collyer

Treasure Hunt – 1956/57, ABC; 1957/58, NBC, quiz, Jan Murray

Twenty-One – 1956–1959, NBC, game, Jack Barry

West Point Story – 1956/57, CBS; 1957/58, ABC, military anthology, Donald May

Cancelled Shows

The Adventures Of Hiram Holiday – NBC, comedy, Wally Cox

The Adventures Of Jim Bowie – ABC, western, Scott Forbes

The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot – NBC, adventure, William Russell

The Brothers – CBS, comedy, Gale Gordon

The Buccaneers – CBS, adventure, Robert Shaw

Circus Time – ABC, variety, Paul Winchell

Conflict – ABC, dramatic anthology

Giant Step – CBS, quiz, Bert Parks

Hey Jeannie – CBS, comedy, Jeannie Carson

The Herb Shriner Show – CBS, comedy/variety, Herb Shriner

The Jackie Gleason Show – CBS, comedy variety, Jackie Gleason

The Jonathan Winters Show – NBC, comedy/variety, Jonathan Winters

The Joseph Cotten Show – NBC, dramatic anthology, Joseph Cotten

Noah's Ark – NBC, medical drama, Paul Burke

Pick The Winner – CBS, political, Walter Cronkite

The Ray Anthony Show – ABC, musical variety, LIVE, Ray Anthony

Stanley – NBC, comedy, LIVE, Paul Lynde, Buddy Hackett

Tales Of The 77th Bengal Lancers – NBC, adventure, Phil Carey

Wire Service – ABC, newspaper drama, Dane Clark

The Walter Winchell Show – NBC, variety, 13 episodes, Walter Winchell

16 out of 36 new series SURVIVED for 1957/58

ABC – 5/10, The Adventures of Jim Bowie, Broken Arrow, Date With The Angels, Lawrence Welk's Top Tunes And New Talent & Treasure Hunt

CBS – 6/13, Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre, The Gale Storm Show, Playhouse 90, Richard Diamond, Private Detective, To Tell The Truth & West Point Story

NBC – 5/13, Circus Boy, The Dinah Shore Chevy Show, The Nat "King" Cole Show, Tales Of Wells Fargo & Twenty-One

Mid season shows

The Billy Graham Crusade – 1957–1959, ABC, religion, Billy Graham

Cowtown Rodeo – 1957, 1958, ABC, rodeo, Marty Glickman

Destiny – 1957, 1958, CBS, dramatic anthology, reruns, Francis L. Sullivan

Enterprise – July 1957–1958, ABC, documentary

Famous Fights – July/December 1957, ABC, sports

The Last Word – June 1957–1958, CBS, informational/panel, Dr. Bergen Evans

Meet McGraw – July 1957–1958, NBC, detective drama, Frank Lovejoy

Mike Wallace Interviews – April 1957–1957/58, ABC, interview, Mike Wallace

Mr. Adams and Eve – January 1957–1958, CBS, comedy, Howard Duff, Ida Lupino

Open Hearing – February 1957–1958, ABC, public affairs, LIVE, John Secondari

Sports Focus – June 1957–1958, ABC, sports news/commentary, LIVE, Howard Cosell

Cancelled Mid Season Shows

ABC Presents – ABC, documentary

Action Tonight – NBC, dramatic anthology

Air America – CBS, documentary, Walter Cronkite

The Andy Williams And June Valli Show – NBC, music, Andy Williams

The Big Beat – ABC, music, Alan Freed

The Big Moment – NBC, sports drama, Bud Palmer

Can Do – NBC, quiz, Robert Alda

Cowboy Theatre – NBC, western anthology, Monty Hall

Flight #7 – ABC, travelogue

The Galen Drake Show – ABC, children's variety, Glen Drake

The George Sanders Mystery Theater – NBC, dramatic anthology, George Sanders

Georgia Gibbs And Her Million Record Show – NBC, music, Georgia Gibbs

The Helen O'Connell Show – NBC, music, LIVE, Helen O'Connell

High–Low – NBC, quiz, LIVE, Jack Barry

Hold That Note – NBC, quiz, Bert Parks

Industries For America – ABC, documentary

The Jimmy Dean Show – CBS, musical variety, Jimmy Dean

Key Club Playhouse – ABC, dramatic anthology

The Marge And Gower Champion Show – CBS, comedy, Marge Champion

Moment Of Decision – ABC, dramatic anthology

Panic – NBC, dramatic anthology, William Van Voorhis

The Playhouse – CBS, dramatic anthology, 4 episodes, reruns

S.R.O. Playhouse – CBS, dramatic anthology, reruns

Show For A Summer Evening – NBC, dramatic anthology

The Spike Jones Show – CBS, comedy/variety, Spike Jones

Summer Playhouse – NBC, anthology, reruns, Jane Wyman

Theater Time – ABC, dramatic anthology, reruns, Anita Louis

Those Whiting Girls – CBS, comedy, Margaret Whiting, Barbara Whiting

The Vincent Lopez Show – CBS, music, Vincent Lopez

The Xavier Cugat Show – NBC, music, LIVE, Xavier Cugat, Abbe Lane

You're On Our Own – CBS, quiz, Steve Dunne


The New Adventures Of Charlie Chan – June 1957–1958, syndication, mystery, J. Carrol Naish

The Sheriff Of Cochise – 1956–1960, syndication, police drama, John Bromfield

The Silent Service – March 1957–1958, syndication, dramatic anthology, Thomas M. Dykers

State Trooper – January 1957–1959, syndication, crime drama, Rod Cameron

The Whirlybirds – January 1957–1959, syndication, adventure, Ken Tobey

Two Seasons (1955/56)

The Adventures Of Robin Hood – 1955–1958, CBS, adventure

The Alcoa Hour – 1955–1957, NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Alfred Hitchcock Presents – 1955–1960, CBS; 1960–1962, NBC; 1962–1964, CBS; 1964/65, NBC, suspense anthology

Big Surprise – 1955–1957, NBC, quiz

Bold Journey – July 1956–1959, ABC; travel documentary

Bowling Stars – April 1956–December 1957, ABC, sports

Cheyenne – 1955–1963, ABC, western

Crossroads – 1955–1957, ABC, dramatic anthology

Crusader – 1955–1957, CBS, international intrigue

Do You Trust Your Wife? – January 1956–1957, CBS, quiz

Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal – 1955–1957, syndication, medical drama

Encore Theatre – 1956, 1957, NBC, dramatic anthology, reruns

Festival Of Stars – 1956, 1957, NBC, dramatic anthology, reruns

The Ford Show Starring Tennessee Ernie Ford – 1956–1961, NBC, musical variety

Gunsmoke – 1955–1975, CBS, western

High Finance – July–December 1956, CBS, quiz

Highway Patrol – 1955–1959, syndication, crime drama

It's Polka Time – July 1956–1957, music

The Julius LaRosa Show – 1956–1957, NBC, musical variety

The Kaiser Aluminum Hour – July 1956–1957, NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp – 1955–1961, ABC, western

My Friend Flicka – February 1956–1957, CBS; 1957/58, NBC, adventure

National Bowling Champions – April–Dec 1956, NBC; 1957, ABC, sports

Navy Log – 1955/56, CBS; 1956–1958, ABC, military anthology

The People's Choice – 1955–1958, NBC, comedy

The Phil Silvers Show – 1955–1959, CBS, comedy

Press Conference – July–Sept 1956, NBC; 1956/57, ABC, interview

Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon – 1955–1958, CBS, police drama

$64,000 Challenge – April 1956–1958, CBS, quiz

The Steve Allen Show – June 1956–1960, NBC, variety

Telephone Time – April 1956–1957, CBS; 1957/58, ABC, dramatic anthology

20th Century Fox Hour – 1955–1957, CBS, anthology

The Vic Damone Show – July 1956–1957, CBS, musical variety

The Vise – December 1955–1957, ABC; 1957–1960, NBC, detective drama

Wednesday Night Fights – 1955–1960, ABC, boxing

Three Seasons (1954/55)

The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin – 1954–1959, ABC, western

The Bob Cummings Show – January/September 1955, NBC; July 1955–1957, CBS; 1957–1959, NBC, comedy

Caesar’s Hour – 1954–1957, NBC, comedy/variety

Climax! – 1954–1958, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Compass – 1954–1957, ABC, travelogue

Country Music Jubilee – January 1955–1960, ABC, country music

December Bride – 1954–1959, CBS, comedy

Disneyland – 1954–1983, anthology

Father Knows Best – 1954/55, CBS; 1955–1958, NBC; 1958–1960, CBS

The George Gobel Show – 1954–1959, NBC; 1959/60, CBS, comedy variety

Lassie – 1954–1971, CBS; 1971–1974, Syndication, adventure

The Lawrence Welk Show – 1954–1971, ABC, music

The Lineup – 1954–1960, CBS, police drama

The Millionaire – January 1955–1960, CBS, dramatic anthology

People are Funny – 1954–1961, NBC, quiz

Producers' Showcase – 1954–1957, NBC, anthology

Science Fiction Theatre – April 1955–1957, syndication, sci fi anthology

Shower Of Stars – 1954–1958, CBS, musical variety, LIVE

$64,000 Question – June 1955–1959, CBS, game

Spotlight – June 1955–1959, CBS, dramatic anthology

Tonight – 1954–1957, NBC, talk/variety

Undercurrent – July 1955–1958, CBS, dramatic anthology, reruns

Four Seasons (1953/54)

Annie Oakley – January 1954–1957, syndication, western

The Big Picture – 1953–1959, ABC, documentary

The Danny Thomas Show – 1953–1957, ABC; 1957–1965, CBS, comedy

Dollar A Second – 1953/54, DUM; summer of 1954, NBC; 1954/55, ABC; summer of 1955, NBC; 1955/56, ABC; summer of 1957, NBC, quiz

The Loretta Young Show – 1953–1961, NBC, dramatic anthology

Medic – 1954–Nov 1956, medical drama

Midwestern Hayride – June 1954–1956, NBC; July 1957–1958, ABC; 1959, NBC, musical variety

Omnibus – 1953–1956, CBS; 1956/57, ABC, culture

Person to Person – 1953–1961, CBS, interview

Red Barber's Corner – 1953–1955, CBS; 1955–1958, NBC, sports commentary

U.S. Steel Hour – 1953–1955, ABC; 1955–1963, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Five Seasons (1952/53)

The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet – 1952–1966, ABC, comedy

The Adventures Of Superman – 1952–1958, syndication, adventure

Coke Time – April 1953–1957, NBC, music, LIVE

Death Valley Days – 1952–1975, syndication, western anthology

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents – January 1953–1957, syndication, anthology

DuPont Theater – 1952–1957, NBC, dramatic anthology

Ford Theatre – 1952–1956, NBC; 1956/57, ABC, dramatic anthology

General Electric Theater – February 1953–1962, CBS, dramatic anthology

The Life Of Riley – January 1953–1958, NBC, comedy

Name That Tune – June 1953–1954, NBC; 1954–1959, CBS, game

Private Secretary – February 1953–1957, CBS, comedy

This Is Your Life – 1952–1961, NBC, testimonial

Two For The Money – 1952/53, NBC; 1953-1957, CBS, quiz

Six Seasons (1951/52)

The Dinah Shore Show – November 1951–1957, NBC, music

Dragnet – January 1952–1959, NBC, police drama

Goodyear TV Playhouse 1951–1960, NBC, dramatic anthology

I Love Lucy – 1951–1957, CBS, comedy

I’ve Got A Secret – June 1952–1967, CBS, game

Life Is Worth Living – February 1952–1955, DUM; 1955–1957, religious

Masquerade Party – 1952, NBC; 1953, 1954, CBS; 1954–Fall 1956, ABC; 1957, NBC; 1958, CBS; 1958/59, NBC; October 1959–January 1960, CBS; Jan–Sept 1960, NBC, quiz/panel

The Red Skelton Show – 1951–1953, NBC; 1953– 970, CBS, 1970/71, NBC; variety

Schlitz Playhouse– 1951–1959, CBS, dramatic anthology

Seven Seasons (1950/51)

The Adventures Of Wild Bill Hickok – April 1951–1958, syndication, western

The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show – 1950–1958, CBS, comedy

The Jack Benny Show – 1950–1964, CBS; 1964/65, NBC, comedy

Lux Video Theatre – 1950–1954, CBS; 1954–1957, NBC, LIVE

You Asked For It – December 1950–1952, DUM; 1951–1959, ABC, audience participation

You Bet Your Life – 1950–1961, NBC, quiz

Eight Seasons (1949/50)

Armstrong Circle Theatre – June 1950–1957, NBC; 1957–1963, CBS, dramatic anthology

The Arthur Murray Party – 1950, ABC; 1950/51, DUM, 1951/52, ABC; 1952, CBS; 1952/53, DUM; 1953, CBS; 1953/54 – 1954/55, NBC; 1956, CBS; 1956/57, NBC, musical variety

Beat The Clock – March 1950–1958, CBS, quiz

The Big Story – 1949–1957, NBC, dramatic anthology

The Lone Ranger – 1949–1957, ABC, western

Pantomime Quiz – July 1950–1951, CBS; Jan–March 1952, NBC; 1952/53, CBS; 1953/54, DUM; summer of 1954, CBS; Jan–March 1955, ABC; 1955–1957, CBS; 1958/59, ABC, quiz

Robert Montgomery Presents – January 1950–1957, NBC, dramatic anthology

The Voice of Firestone – 1949–1954, NBC; 1954 – 1959, ABC, music

What’s My Line? – February 1950–1967, CBS, game

Your Hit Parade – summer of 1950–1958, NBC; 1958/59, CBS, music

Nine seasons (1948/49)

Arthur Godfrey & His Friends – January 1949–1959, CBS, musical variety

Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts – 1948–1958, CBS, talent

Break The Bank – 1948/49, ABC; 1949–1952, NBC; 1952/53, CBS; summer of 1953, NBC; Jan 1954 - 1956, ABC; 1956/57, NBC, quiz

The Jane Wyman Show – April 1949–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

The Perry Como Show – 1948–1950, NBC; 1950–1955, CBS; 1955–1963, NBC, variety

Studio One – 1948–1958, CBS, dramatic anthology

Ten seasons (1947/48)

The Ed Sullivan Show – June 1948–1971, CBS, variety

Meet The Press – November 1947–1965, NBC, interview

Original Amateur Hour – January 1948–1949, DUM; 1949–1954, NBC; 1955–1957, ABC; 1957/58, NBC; May 1959, CBS; March 1960, ABC, talent

Eleven seasons (1946/47)

Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports – 1946–1960, NBC, boxing

Kraft Television Theatre – May 1947–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

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