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1951/52 – Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts was #1 on CBS Monday.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1951 season; The Nature Of Things was cancelled in the fifth season.

Alternate Shows:

Philco TV Playhouse and Goodyear TV Playhouse were on NBC Sunday at 9 PM.

Mr. District Attorney and The Amazing Mr. Malone were on ABC Monday at 8 PM.

Mr. District Attorney and Out Of The Fog were on ABC Monday at 8 PM from April–June 1952.

Robert Montgomery Presents and Somerset Maugham TV Theatre were on NBC Monday at 9:30 PM.

City Hospital and Crime Syndicated were on CBS Tuesday at 9 PM.

The Arthur Murray Party and Don McNeil's TV Club were on ABC Wednesday at 9 PM.

Celanese Theatre and King's Crossroads were on ABC Wednesday at 10 PM.

Amos & Andy and The Steve Allen Show were on CBS Thursday at 8:30 PM for the summer.

Dragnet and Chesterfield Presents were on NBC Thursday at 9 PM.

DuMont Royal Theater and Gruen Playhouse were on DUM Thursday at 9 PM for the summer.

Say It With Acting and Life With Linkletter were on ABC Friday at 7:30 PM.

Biggest New Hit: I Love Lucy was #3 on CBS Monday. Everyone adored and loved Lucy and her crazy antics. From her schemes to get on Ricky's show to the candy factory to getting drunk from a commercial, it was truly one of funniest sitcoms ever. It never lower below #3 in the ratings in the six seasons.

Local TV:

Say It With Acting begun on local TV in New York as Look Ma, I'm Acting in January 1949. It changed names to Act It Out and Say It With Acting.

Songtime was on local TV in New York in November 1950, then on ABC the following fall.

Name Change:

American Youth Forum to Youth Wants To Know in January 1952.

Bonny Maid Versatile Varieties to Versatile Varieties

Door With No Name to Doorway To Danger

Four Star Revue to All Star Revue

Gallery Of Mme. Lui–Tsong to Mme. Lui–Tsong in October 1951.

Hollywood Premiere Theatre to Hollywood Theatre Time after two months on the air.

Inside Detective to Rocky King, Inside Detective

Marshall Plan In Action to Strength For A Free World on December 30, 1951.

The Speidel Show to The Paul Winchell–Jerry Mahoney Show in December 1951.

Sports Newsreel to Gillette Summer Sports Reel

Original Run:

Keep Posted was on DUM Tuesday at 8:30 PM for two seasons.

The Pet Shop was on DUM Saturday at 7:30 PM for two seasons.

Strike It Rich was on CBS Wednesday at 9 PM for five seasons.

Tales Of Tomorrow was on ABC Friday at 9:30 for two seasons.


The Amazing Malone was on CBS radio from 1947–1950.

Bob and Ray was on the radio from 1951–1960.

Boston Blackie was on the radio from 1944–1945.

A Date With Judy was on the radio from 1941–1950.

Dangerous Assignment was on NBC from 1949–1953.

Information Please was on the radio from 1938–1948.

Mr. District Attorney was on the radio from 1939–1953.

Strike It Rich was on the radio from 1947–1958.

Tales Of Tomorrow was on the radio in 1953.

The Return:

America's Town Meeting Of The Air returned to ABC for a brief period. It was previously on ABC in 1948.

ABC revived Music In Velvet for the second and last season. It was previously on ABC in 1949.

ABC revived the former CBS series, The Herb Shriner Show, under the name of Herb Shriner Time.

NBC revived the former ABC series, Blind Date, for a summer run.

The Garry Moore Show returned to CBS after a year absence as The Garry Moore Evening Show. He already had a highly successful daytime show, The Garry Moore Show.

CBS revived Presidential Timber. It was last seen on CBS in 1948.

Summer Replacements:

Boss Lady replaced Fireside Theatre for the summer.

Curtain Call replaced The RCA Victor Show for the summer.

Manhunt replaced Your Hit Parade for the summer.

Saturday Nigh Dance Party replaced Your Show Of Shows for the summer.

Switch Networks:

The Adventures Of Ellery Queen went from DUM to ABC

Bonny Maid Versatile Varieties went from NBC to ABC.

Blind Date went from ABC to NBC.

Charlie Wild, Private Detective went from CBS to ABC and ABC to DUM in March 1952.

Life Begins At Eighty went from ABC to DUM in March 1952.

Claudia, The Story Of A Marriage went from NBC to CBS in March 1952. It was the first and last season.


Gale Gordon and Bea Benaderet were the original choices for Fred and Ethel; both were committed to other series. Gale was on Our Miss Brooks on the radio, then the TV version and Bea was on The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show. Lucy, Bea and Gale starred in the radio hit, My Favorite Husband, from 1948–1951.

Only one known star came out on Chance Of A Lifetime; Diahann Carroll, a teenager singer, won three weeks in a row. She later became a huge star on Julia.

The Honeymooners sketches were introduced on Cavalcade Of Stars with Jackie Gleason (Ralph Kramden), Art Carney (Ed Norton) and Pert Kelton (the original Alice Kramden).

For a second time in two years, Cavalcade Of Stars lost another host, Jackie Gleason. The first one was Jack Carter to NBC in 1950. CBS offered Jackie more money. The following fall, Jackie Gleason started his new CBS show and The Honeymooners lives on. Sadly, Cavalcade Of Stars ended its run in September 1952.

This Is Show Business is the first CBS program to be LIVE from coast to coast starting in September 1951.

There was a special preview of Dragnet on Chesterfield Sound Off Time on December 16, 1951, starring Jack Webb and Raymond Burr.

The production of Big Town moved from New York to Hollywood in April 1952. It was no longer air LIVE.

Reed Hadley was also in the syndication version of Racket Squad in 1950.

Up To Paar was Jack Paar's first series.

Norman Brokenshire talked to REAL LIFE masked criminals about their crimes and rehabilitation on Four Square Court. It was a TV first.

The Show Goes On was Robert Q. Lewis' first starring role. He previously substituted for Arthur Godfrey on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts during the summertime.

Rosemary Clooney and Tony Bennett were unknown on Songs For Sale; both went on to become major stars. Tony only stayed for the first month and Rosemary stayed till 1951.

City Hospital was originally on ABC Saturday afternoon from November 1951–April 1952 and it started the CBS run in March 1952.

After the second NBC summer run, American Inventory moved to Sunday afternoons and remained there till December 1955.

1951/52 Fall Season

One Season (1951/52)

Crime Syndicated – 1951–1953, CBS, police anthology, Rudolph Halley

Goodyear TV Playhouse 1951–1960, NBC, dramatic anthology

Hour Of Decision – 1951–1954, ABC, religion, Rev. Billy Graham

I Love Lucy – 1951–1957, CBS, comedy

Keep Posted – 1951–1953, DUM, public affairs, Martha Roundtree

Mystery Theater – 1951–1954, ABC, detective drama, Tom Conway

The Red Skelton Show – 1951–1953, NBC; 1953–1970, CBS, 1970/71, NBC; variety

Schlitz Playhouse Of Stars – 1951–1959, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Tales Of Tomorrow – 1951–1953, ABC, sci–fi anthology

Those Two – 1951–1953, NBC, comedy, LIVE, Pinky Lee

Cancelled Shows

Amazing Mr. Malone – ABC, crime drama, LIVE, Lee Tracey

American Youth Forum – NBC, forum, Theodore Granik

America's Health – ABC, documentary

America's Town Meeting Of The Air – ABC, George V. Denny, Jr.

Celanese Theatre – ABC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Chesterfield Sound Off Time – NBC, comedy/variety, Bob Hope

Chicago Symphony Chamber Orchestra – ABC, music, Ken Nordine

Cosmopolitan Theatre – DUM, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Crawford Mystery Theatre – ABC, drama/quiz, 4 episodes, John Howard

Crime With Father – ABC, police drama, Rusty Lane

The Dell O'Dell Show – ABC, variety, Dell O'Dell

Football This Week – DUM, sports

The Garry Moore Evening Show – CBS, variety, LIVE, Garry Moore

Gallery Of Mmn. Lui–Tsong – DUM, crime drama, Anna May Wong

Hollywood Theatre Time – ABC, various

The Herb Shriner Show – CBS, comedy/variety, Herb Shriner

Kate Smith Evening Hour – NBC, musical variety, LIVE, Kate Smith

Lesson In Safety – ABC, instruction

Mr. District Attorney – ABC, police drama, Jay Jostyn

Music In Velvet – ABC, music, Rex Maupin

Out There – CBS, sci fi anthology, LIVE

The Paul Dixon Show – ABC, variety, Paul Dixon

Young Mr. Bobbin – NBC, comedy, LIVE, Jane Seymour

10 out of 33 new series SURVIVED for 1952/53

ABC – 3/15, Hour Of Decision, Mystery Theater & Tales Of Tomorrow

CBS – 3/6, Crime Syndicated, I Love Lucy & Schlitz Playhouse Of Stars

DUM – 1/5, Keep Posted

NBC – 3/7, Goodyear TV Playhouse, The Red Skelton Show & Those Two

Mid season shows

Battle Of The Ages – January–November 1952, CBS, talent, Jerry Reed King

The Better Home Show – May 1951–1952, ABC, instruction, Norman Brokenshire

The Big Payoff – 1952–1953, NBC, quiz, Randy Merriman

Bob And Ray – November 1951–1953, NBC, comedy variety, Bob Elliott, Ray Goulding

Campbell Playhouse – June 1952–1954, NBC, dramatic anthology

Chance Of A Lifetime – May 1952–1953, ABC; 1953–1955, DUM; 1955/56, ABC, talent, Dennis James

City Hospital – March 1952–1953, CBS, medical drama, LIVE, Melville Ruick

The Continental – Spring 1952, CBS, 1952/53, ABC, romantic monologue, Renzo Cesana

A Date With Judy – July 1952–1953, ABC, comedy, Mary Linn Beller

The Dinah Shore Show – November 1951–1957, NBC, music, Dinah Shore

The Doctor – August 1952–1953, NBC, medical anthology, Warner Anderson

Dragnet – January 1952–1959, NBC, police drama, Jack Webb

Drew Pearson – May–November 1952, ABC; 1952/53, DUM, commentary, Drew Pearson

The Eddy Arnold Show – 1952, CBS; 1953, NBC, musical variety, Eddy Arnold

Gangbusters – March–December 1952, NBC, police anthology, Phillips H. Lord

Guide Right – February 1952–1953, DUM, variety, Don Russell

The Hot Seat – April 1952–1952, ABC, interview, LIVE, Stuart Scheftel

The Hunter – Summer of 1952, CBS, international intrigue, Barry Nelson

I’ve Got A Secret – June 1952–1967, CBS, game

Life Is Worth Living – February 1952–1955, DUM; 1955–1957, religious, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

Masquerade Party – 1952, NBC; 1953, 1954, CBS; 1954–Fall 1956, ABC; 1957, NBC; 1958, CBS; 1958/59, NBC; October 1959–January 1960, CBS; Jan–Sept 1960, NBC, quiz/panel

Mr. Peepers – July 1952–1955, NBC, comedy, LIVE, Wally Cox, Tony Randall

My Friend Irma – January 1952–1954, CBS, comedy, Marie Wilson

My Little Margie – June 1952–1955, NBC, comedy, Gale Storm

Name's The Same – December 1951–1955, ABC, quiz, Robert Q. Lewis

On Guard – April 1952–1954, ABC, documentary

On The Line With Considine – January 1952–1954, NBC, news interview, Bob Considine

Pet Shop – December 1951–1953, DUM, animals, Gail Compton, Gay Compton

Place The Face – July 1952–1955, CBS, quiz, Jack Smith

Power Of Women – July–Nov 1952, DUM, discussion, Vivien Kellems

Quick On The Draw – Jan–Dec 1952, DUM, quiz, Robin Chandler

The RCA Victor Show – November 1951–1954, NBC, various, LIVE, Ezio Pinza

Rebound – 1952, ABC; 1952–1953, DUM, dramatic anthology

See It Now – April 1952–1955, CBS, documentary, Edward R. Murrow

Super Ghost – July 1952–1953, NBC, quiz, LIVE, Bergen Evans

The Week In Religion – March 1952–1954, DUM, religion

Cancelled Mid Season Shows

All Around The Town – CBS, interview, LIVE, Mike Wallace

The American Scene – ABC, documentary

Are You Positive – NBC, sports quiz, LIVE, Bill Stern

Ask Me Another – NBC, quiz, Joe Baland

The Big Question – CBS, news/discussion, LIVE, Charles Collingwood

Blind Date – summer of 1952, NBC, audience participation

Boss Lady – NBC, comedy, Lynn Bari

Byline – ABC, drama, LIVE, 6 episodes, Betty Furness

Cavalier Theatre – NBC, dramatic anthology, 4 episodes

Chesterfield Presents – NBC, dramatic anthology

Claudia, The Story Of A Marriage – NBC, drama, LIVE, Joan McCracken

Curtain Call – NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Do's And Don'ts – ABC, instruction

Draw To Win – CBS, cartoon quiz/panel, Henry Morgan

Fearless Fosdick – NBC, children's

Four Square Court – ABC, discussion, LIVE, Norman Brokenshire

Gruen Playhouse – DUM, dramatic anthology

Guess What – DUM, quiz, Dick Kollmar

Hallmark Summer Theatre – NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Information Please – CBS, quiz, Clifton Fadiman

It's A Business? – DUM, comedy, Bob Haymes

Mayor Of Hollywood – NBC, variety, LIVE, Walter O'Keefe

Meet The Boss – DUM, interview, Bill Cummingham

Metropolitan Opera Auditions Of The Air – ABC, talent, Milton J. Cross

Mr. Arsenic – ABC, talk, Burton Turkus

Music Hall – CBS, music, LIVE, Patti Page

Newsstand Theatre – ABC, dramatic anthology, 4 episodes

Once Upon A Fence – NBC, children's, Dave Kaigler

Operation Information – DUM, instruction

Our Neighbors To The North – ABC, documentary

Out Of The Fog – ABC, drama

Police Story – CBS, police anthology, Norman Rose

Presidential Timber – CBS, public affairs, LIVE, Robert Trout

Production For Freedom – ABC, documentary

Rendezvous – ABC, international intrigue, 5 episodes, Ilona Massey

Saturday Night Dance Party – NBC, variety, Jerry Lester

The Steve Allen Show – CBS, comedy/variety, Steve Allen

Stock Car Races – ABC, sports, Chick Hearn

This Is Music – DUM, music, Alexander Grey

Those Endearing Young Charms – NBC, comedy, LIVE, Maurice Copeland

The U.S. Royal Showcase – NBC, comedy variety, LIVE, Jack Carson

Up To Paar – NBC, quiz, LIVE, Jack Paar

What Happened – NBC, quiz, 3 episodes, Ben Grauer

Who's There – CBS, quiz, Arlene Francis

Your Lucky Clue – CBS, quiz, Basil Rathbone

Your Prize Story – NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE


The Adventures Of Kit Carson – 1951–1955, syndication, western, Bill Williams

Boston Blackie – 1951–1953, syndication, detective drama, Kent Taylor

Dangerous Assignment – syndication, foreign intrigue, Brian Donlevy

Foreign Intrigue – 1951–1955, syndication, intrigue, Jerome Thor

Late Night

Dagmar's Canteen – NBC, variety, Jeanne Lewis

The Public Life Of Cliff Norton – NBC, comedy

Songtime – ABC, religion, Jack Wyrtzen

Two Seasons (1950/51)

The Adventures Of Ellery Queen – 1950/51, DUM, 1951–1952, ABC, detective drama, LIVE

The Adventures Of Wild Bill Hickok – April 1951–1958, syndication, western

All Star Revue – 1950–1953, NBC, comedy variety

America In View – May 1951–1953, ABC, travelogue

American Inventory – July 1951–1952, NBC, documentary/drama

Amos 'N' Andy – June 1951–1953, CBS, comedy

Beulah – 1950–1953, ABC, comedy

Big Town – 1950–1954, CBS; 1954–1956, NBC, newspaper drama, LIVE

Bigelow Theatre – December 1950–1951, CBS; 1951, DUM, dramatic anthology

The Bill Gwinn Show – February 1951–1952, ABC, audience participation

Chance Of A Lifetime – 1950–1951, ABC, quiz

The Carmel Myers Show – June 1951–1952, ABC, interviews

Charlie Wild, Private Detective – December 1950–1951, CBS; 1951/52, ABC; 1952, DUM, detective drama, LIVE

The Cisco Kid – 1950–1956, syndication, western

The Colgate Comedy Hour – 1950–1956, NBC, variety

Crime Photographer – April 1951–1952, CBS, newspaper drama, LIVE

Danger – 1950–1955, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Don McNeill TV Club – 1950–1951, ABC, variety, LIVE

Doorway To Danger – July 1951–1952, NBC; 1953, ABC, international intrigue

Down You Go – May 1951–1955, DUM; summer of 1955, CBS; 1955/56, ABC; summer of 1956, NBC, quiz

DuMont Royal Theatre – April 1951–1952, DUM, dramatic anthology

Everybody's Business – 1951, 1952 ABC, documentary

Faye Emerson's Wonderful Town – June 1951-1952, CBS, variety

Ford Festival – April 1951–1952, NBC, musical variety

The Frank Sinatra Show – 1950–1952, CBS, musical variety, LIVE

The Freddy Martin Show – July–November 1951, NBC, musical variety

Front Page Detective – July 1951–1952 & 1953, DUM, newspaper drama

The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show – 1950–1958, CBS, comedy

Georgetown University Forum – July 1951–1953, DUM, discussion

Hollywood Opening Night – July 1951–1952, CBS; 1952/53, NBC, dramatic anthology

How Did They Get This Way – July 1951–1952, ABC, discussion

Industries For America – May 1951–1952, ABC, documentary

It's News To Me – July 1951–1953, CBS, quiz

The Jack Benny Show – 1950–1964, CBS; 1964/65, NBC, comedy

The Jerry Colonna Show – May–November 1951, ABC, comedy/variety

The John Hopkins Science Review – 1950–1954, DUM, information

Life With Linkletter – 1950–1952, ABC, variety

Live Like A Millionaire – January 1951–1953, CBS, talent/variety

Lux Video Theatre – 1950–1954, CBS; 1954–1957, NBC, LIVE

Manhunt – 1951–1952, NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Meet Corliss Archer – June 1951–1952, CBS, comedy, LIVE

Midwestern Hayride – June 1951–1952, NBC, musical variety

Mr. Wizard – May 1951–1955, NBC, educational

Not For Publication – May 1951–1952, DUM, newspaper drama

Other Lands, Other Places – July–December 1951, ABC, travelogue

The Paul Dixon Show – 1951–1952, ABC, variety

Pentagon – May 1951–1952, DUM, interview

Pulitzer Prize Playhouse – 1950–1952, ABC, dramatic anthology

Racket Squad – June 1951–1953, CBS, police drama

The Sam Levenson Show – January 1951–1952, CBS, comedy

The Sammy Kaye Variety Show – July 1951–1952, CBS, musical variety

Say It With Acting – January 1951–1952, ABC, charades

Shadow Of The Cloak – June 1951–1952, DUM, international intrigue

Somerset Maugham TV Theatre – 1950–1951, CBS; 1951, NBC, dramatic anthology

Space Patrol – June 1951–1952, ABC, children's

The Speidel Show – 1950–1954, NBC, comedy/variety

Sports Spot – June 1951–1954, CBS, sports commentary

Stage Entrance – May 1951–1952, DUM, interview

Strike It Rich – July 1951–1955, CBS, quiz

The Stu Erwin Show – 1950–1955, ABC, comedy

Treasury Men In Action – 1950, ABC; 1951–1954, NBC; 1954/55, ABC, crime drama

Untied Or Not – July 1951–1952, ABC, interview

Watch Mr. Wizard – May 1951–1955, NBC, educational

What's The Story – July 1951–1955, DUM, quiz

You Asked For It – December 1950–1952, DUM; 1951–1959, ABC, audience participation

You Bet Your Life – 1950–1961, NBC, quiz

Three Seasons (1949/50)

The Alan Young Show – April 1950–1953, CBS, comedy/variety

The Aldrich Family – 1949–1953, NBC, comedy

Armstrong Circle Theatre – June 1950–1957, NBC; 1957–1963, CBS, dramatic anthology

The Arthur Murray Party – 1950, ABC; 1950/51, DUM, 1951/52, ABC; 1952, CBS; 1952/53, DUM; 1953, CBS; 1953/54 – 1954/55, NBC; 1956, CBS; 1956/57, NBC, musical variety

Beat The Clock – March 1950–1958, CBS, quiz

The Big Story – 1949–1957, NBC, dramatic anthology

Blue Ribbon Bouts – 1949–1955, boxing

Broadway To Hollywood–Headline Clues – July 1949–1954, DUM, magazine

Cameo Theatre – May 1950–1952, NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

Famous Jury Trials – 1949–1952, DUM, courtroom drama

The Gene Autry Show – July 1950–1956, CBS, western

The Ken Murray Show – January 1950–1953, CBS, variety

Hands Of Mystery – 1949–1951, DUM, suspense anthology, LIVE

Holiday Hotel – March 1950–1952, ABC, musical variety

Life Begins At Eighty – January–August 1950, NBC; 1950 – 1952, ABC; 1952–1955, DUM; 1955/56, ABC, discussion

The Lone Ranger – 1949–1957, ABC, western

Man Against Crime – 1949–1953, CBS; 1953/54, NBC/DUM, detective drama

Marshall Plan In Action – June 1950–1953, ABC, documentary

Martin Kane, Private Eye – 1949–1954, NBC, detective drama, LIVE

One Man's Family – 1949–1952, NBC, soap

Pantomime Quiz – July 1950–1951, CBS; Jan–March 1952, NBC; 1952/53, CBS; 1953/54, DUM; summer of 1954, CBS; Jan–March 1955, ABC; 1955–1957, CBS; 1958/59, ABC, quiz

Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Revue – 1949–1952, ABC, musical variety

The Plainclothesman – 1949–1954, DUM, police drama

Robert Montgomery Presents – January 1950–1957, NBC, dramatic anthology

Rocky King, Inside Detective – January 1950–1954, DUM, crime drama, LIVE

Show Goes On – January 1950–1952, CBS, variety

Songs For Sale – July 1950–1952, CBS, music

Gillette Summer Sports Reel – 1950–1955, NBC, sports/sports commentary

Stork Club – July 1950–1953, CBS, talk, LIVE

Stud's Place – 1949/50, NBC; 1950–1952, ABC, variety

Twenty Questions – 1949, NBC; March 1950–1951, ABC; 1951–1954, DUM; 1954/55, ABC, quiz

Van Camp's Little Show – June 1950–1951, NBC, music

Versatile Varieties – 1949–1951, NBC, 1951, ABC, variety/children's

The Voice of Firestone – 1949–1954, NBC; 1954–1959, ABC, music

Wayne King – 1949–1952, NBC, music, LIVE

The Web – July 1950–1954, CBS, dramatic anthology, LIVE

What’s My Line? – February 1950–1967, CBS, game

Your Hit Parade – summer of 1950–1958, NBC; 1958/59, CBS, music

Your Show Of Shows – February 1950–1954, NBC, comedy/variety

Youth On The March – 1949–1952, ABC; 1952/53, DUM, religion

Four seasons (1948/49)

Arthur Godfrey & His Friends – January 1949–1959, CBS, musical variety

Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts – 1948–1958, CBS, talent

Break The Bank – 1948/49, ABC; 1949–1952, NBC; 1952/53, CBS; summer of 1953, NBC; Jan 1954–1956, ABC; 1956/57, NBC, quiz

Captain Video And His Video Rangers – June 1949–1955, DUM, children's

Cavalcade Of Stars – June 1949–1952, DUM, comedy/variety

Celebrity Time – January–March 1949, CBS; March 1949/50, ABC; April 1950–1952 quiz

The Clock – May 1949–1951, NBC; 1951/52, ABC, suspense anthology, LIVE

Fireside Theatre – April 1949–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

The Fred Waring Show – April 1949–1954, CBS, musical variety

Hopalong Cassidy – June 1949–1951, NBC, western

The Goldbergs – January 1949–1951, CBS; 1952–1953, NBC; 1954, DUM, comedy, LIVE

Greatest Fights Of The Century – 1948–1954, NBC, boxing

Kieran's Kaleidoscope – Early 1949–1952, syndication, documentary

Kukla, Fran & Ollie – November 1948–1952, NBC, children's, LIVE

Leave It To The Girls – April 1949–1951, NBC, discussion

Lights Out – July 1949–1952, NBC, suspense anthology, LIVE

Mama – July 1949–1956, CBS, comedy/drama, LIVE

Masland At Home Party – 1948/49, ABC; 1949–1951, CBS; 1951/52, ABC, music

On Trial – 1948–1952, ABC, debate

Paul Whiteman's TV Teen Club – April 1949–1954, ABC, talent, LIVE

The Perry Como Show – 1948–1950, NBC; 1950 – 1955, CBS; 1955–1963, NBC, variety

Philco TV Playhouse – 1948–1955, NBC, dramatic anthology

Quiz Kids – March 1949–1952, NBC; Jan–Nov 1953, CBS, quiz

Riddle Me This – January 1949, CBS; March 1949–1950, ABC; April 1950–1952, CBS; quiz

Stop The Music – May 1949–1952, ABC, quiz

Studio One – 1948–1958, CBS, dramatic anthology

This Is Show Business – July 1949–1954, CBS, variety

Who Said That? – December 1948–1954, NBC, 1955, ABC, quiz

Five seasons (1947/48)

Author Meets The Critics – April 1948–1949, NBC; 1949/50, ABC; 1951/52, NBC, 1952–1954, DUM, book discussion

Hollywood Screen Test – April 1948–1953, ABC; talent

Meet The Press – November 1947–1965, NBC, interview

The Nature Of Things – February 1948–1952, instruction, LIVE

Original Amateur Hour – January 1948–1949, DUM; 1949–1954, NBC; 1955–1957, ABC; 1957/58, NBC; May 1959, CBS; March 1960, ABC, talent

Texaco Star Theater – June 1948–1956, NBC, comedy/variety

Toast Of The Town – June 1948–1971, CBS, variety

Six seasons (1946/47)

Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports – 1946–1960, NBC, boxing

Kraft Television Theatre – May 1947–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

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