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1947/48 – No ratings till the 1950/51 season.

Note: Any BOLD shows were cancelled in 1947 season; The World In Your Home was cancelled in the fourth season.

First Series:

ABC's first show, Hollywood Screen Test, premiered on April 15, 1948, Thursday at 8 PM. In those days, the ABC feed was in Philadelphia and Washington.

CBS' first show, Tonight On Broadway, premiered on April 20, 1948, Tuesday at 7 PM.

Local TV:

At Liberty Corner was on local TV in Philadelphia, then on NBC in June 1948.

Three About Town was on local TV in New York during 1948.

To The Queen's Taste was first seen locally in New York in October 1947, then on CBS in May 1948.

Tonight On Broadway was on local TV in New York in April 1948, then on CBS two weeks later.

Name Change:

Broadway Jamboree from Broadway Minstrels after the first two all–black episodes.

Disc Magic to Musical Merry–Go–Round in October 1947.

Musical Miniatures to Musical Almanac in August 1948.

Variety was also known as NBC Playhouse and The Players.

Original Title: Toast Of The Town was originally to be call You're The Top, but it was quickly dropped before the first telecast.


Candid Microphone was on ABC from 1947–1948, 1950.

Hayloft Hoedown was on ABC from 1945–1949.

Stop Me If You're Heard This One was on the radio from 1939–1940, 1947–1948. Milton Berle was the host of the 1939 season. We, The People was on the radio from 1936–1951.


In the earlier months, Court Of Current Issues was known as Court Of Public Opinion.

The World In Your Home is the first ever fourth season series. This season was their last.

Grace Kelly, Jack Klugman, Gene Barry, Pernell Roberts, Jack Lemmon, Betsy Palmer, Martin Balsam, Susan Cabot and Robert Quarry landed Hollywood contracts through Hollywood Screen Test. It was their big break.

We, The People was the first series to be simulcast on network radio and network TV.

Musical Miniatures' host, Harvey Harding, had a similar show in New York from 1941–1942. Harvey was one of TV's pioneers.

Village Barn was the first series to be shown from a real nightclub. To The Queen's Taste was broadcast from Dione Lucas' very own restaurant, The Cordon Bleu, from Manhattan.

NBC claimed Barney Blake, Police Reporter was the first mystery series.

Broadway Jamboree was the first all–black series.

The Laytons may be in fact the first series for a black actor to be in a continuing role. Amanda Randolph was best known for her role on the radio/TV versions of Amos & Andy.

ABC claimed On The Corner was the first ABC series. Really, it missed it by three days. The honors go to Hollywood Screen Test.

1947/48 Fall Season

One Season (1947/48)

Americana – December 1947–1949, NBC, quiz, John Mason Brown

Charade Quiz – December 1947–1949, DUM, charades, Bill Slater

Mary Kay & Johnny – November 1947–1950, DUM, comedy, LIVE, Mary Kay Sterns, Johnny Sterns

Cancelled Shows

Eye Witness – NBC, documentary, Ben Grauer

3 out of 4 new series SURVIVED for 1948/49

DUM – 2/2, Charade Quiz & Mary Kay And Johnny

NBC – 1/2, Americana

Mid Season shows

America Song – April 1948–1949, NBC, music, Paul Arnold

Author Meets The Critics – April 1948–1949, NBC; 1949/50, ABC; 1951/52, NBC, 1952–1954, DUM, book discussion, John M.K. McCaffery

Candid Microphone – August–December 1948, ABC; 1949, NBC; 1949/50, CBS, humor, Allen Funt

Court Of Current Issues – February 1948–1951, DUM, debate

Face The Music – May 1948–1949, CBS, music, Shayne Cogan

Fashions On Parade – August 1948–1949, DUM, fashion/variety, Adelaide Hawley

For Your Pleasure – April 1948–1949, NBC, music, LIVE, Kyle MacDonnell

Hollywood Screen Test – April 1948–1953, ABC; talent, Bert Lytell

Meet The Press – November 1947–1965, NBC, interview, Martha Roundtree

Musical Miniatures – May 1948–1949, NBC; music, Harvey Harding

The Nature Of Things – February 1948–1952, instruction, LIVE, Dr. Roy K. Marshall

Original Amateur Hour – January 1948–1949, DUM; 1949–1954, NBC; 1955–1957, ABC; 1957/58, NBC; May 1959, CBS; March 1960, ABC, talent, Ted Mack

Scrapbook Junior Edition – June–November 1948, CBS, children's, Scotty MacGregor

Sportsman's Quiz – April 1948–1949, CBS, sports information, Don Baker

Stop Me If You're Heard This One – March 1948–1949, NBC, LIVE, Roger Bower

Story Of The Week – January 1948–1949, NBC, interview, Richard Harkness

The Swift Show – April 1948–1949, NBC, musical variety, Lanny Ross

Texaco Star Theater – June 1948–1956, NBC, comedy/variety, Milton Berle

To The Queen's Taste – May 1948 –1950, CBS, cooking, Dione Lucas

Toast Of The Town – June 1948–1971, CBS, variety, Ed Sullivan

Tonight On Broadway – April–May 1948, CBS, play excerpts, John Mason Brown

We, The People – June 1948–1949, CBS; 1949–1951, NBC, interview, Dwight Weist

What's It Worth – May 1948–1949, CBS, art appraisal, Gil Fates

Winner Take All – June 1948–1949, CBS, game, Bud Collyer

Village Barn – May 1948–1950, NBC, musical variety, LIVE, Zebe Carver

Cancelled Mid Season Shows

The Alan Dale Show – DUM, music, Alan Dale

At Liberty Club – NBC, music, Jacqueline Turner

Barney Blake, Police Reporter – NBC, crime drama, LIVE, Gene O'Donnell

Broadway Jamboree – NBC, musical variety, LIVE

Crystal Room – ABC, variety, Maggi McNellis

Dress Rehearsal – NBC, various, Richard Goode

Gabrielle – ABC, music, Gabrielle

Hayloff Hoedown – ABC, country music, Elmer Newman

The Laytons – DUM, comedy, Amanda Randolph

Museum Of Science And Industry –NBC, instruction, LIVE

NBC Concert Hall – NBC, music, LIVE

On The Corner – ABC, variety, Henry Morgan

Playroom – DUM, children's

Presidential Straws In The Wind – CBS, political, Lyman Bryson

Presidential Timber – CBS, public affairs, LIVE

Television Playhouse – NBC, dramatic anthology, LIVE

That Reminds Me – ABC, stories, Walter Kiernan

Three About Time – ABC, music, Betsi Allison

Try And Do It – NBC, variety/audience participation

Variety – NBC, various

You're Invited – ABC, comedy/variety, Romo Vincent

Two Seasons (1946/47)

Birthday Party – May 1947–1949, DUM, children’s

Campus Hoopla – December 1946–1948, NBC, sports/variety

Doorway To Fame – May 1947–1949, DUM, talent

Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports – 1946–1960, NBC, boxing

In The Kelvinator Kitchen – May 1947–1948, NBC, cooking instruction

Kraft Television Theatre – May 1947–1958, NBC, dramatic anthology

Musical Merry-Go-Around – June 1947–1949, NBC, music

Small Fry Club – March 1947–1951, DUM, children’s

Television Screen Magazine – 1946–1949, NBC, various

You Are An Artist – 1946–1949, NBC, art instruction

Fourth Seasons (1944/45)

The World In Your Home – December 1944–1948, NBC, documentary

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